Frequently Ask Questions

What is the procedure for orders?

Just follow the on screen direction until you reach checkout.

How to search products?

Search Bar is on the top menu and in bottom of the page.

What is my size?

Please pay attention to the size chart. There is a Size Chart for every product that matters size.

Size is different from manufacturer to manufacturer & country to country. 

Do I have to create account?

It is not necessary to create an account. It is an option. Always you can complete a transaction as a guest. It would be a benefit have an account in some cases. Easily you can trace your previous purchases.  

How secure is my personal data at

We never misuse your personal data. We adhere to the highest business standards.

Is there any discount if I buy more items?

Yes, we can offer discount. Please let us know how much you are going to buy.


Do you ship globally?

We have skipped certain countries due to unavoidable circumstances. We have listed all the countries that we ship in our shipping policy. If your country is not listed there please contact us for if there is any possibility.

What is the processing time and how long it takes?

Processing time is involved before your item is shipped. It could be 1-5 or 7 days. There are few steps involved during the processing time - accepting your order and waiting for your payment to be released, then inspection and packing your purchase. 

How long is the shipping?

This depends base on your country for more information please refer to the shipping policy. We have the list of countries and their shipping times.

What are the shipping methods?

Most of the time we use ePacket. It is the most reliable and fastest source of shipping that we have today. Specially, when your purchases are coming from China Mainland.

Where are my items coming from?

Your purchases are coming from the manufacturer mostly from China Main Land.  

What is the shipping cost?

We offer free Shipping for most of the countries, at this time. Please refer to shipping policy for further information.  

Is there shipping confirmation?

Once an order has been placed a confirmation email will be send to you. 

If I order multiple items, do I receive them together?

It depends on the manufacturer, if you had bought from same manufacturer, you would receive them together or else separate, but rest assured that your items are on the way.   

How do I track my package?

Tracking numbers are provided. All of our merchandises have tracking numbers.  Also, we have a tracking page where you can check your tracking. After you purchased in 5-7 days, we email your tracking number.

Do I have to expect unexpected shipping delays?

Yes. Please be aware, though we mentioned about the shipping and processing time in the shipping policy, there could be unanticipated delays due to unavoidable circumstances. Please bear with us. We always make sure you get your package safely.


What is the buying currency?

US Dollars. Our checkout system use US Dollars at the most current exchange rate. We use SSL(secure socket layer) technology to process your transactions.

What are the Payment methods?

We accept PayPal and all major credit cards.

Do I have to pay sales tax?

Yes, if you are from Clerk County, Nevada, USA.  

Who pay Taxes & Duties?

We are not responsible for taxes and custom duties impose by your country or packages held by international customer agencies.


Are these reviews fake?

Well, you will see reviews generated from our store plus from the Supplier/factory-outlet. This is why you see a big number right next to the stars.

Why there is no one or two star reviews?

This is the catch. We pick up goods for our store from suppliers/factory outlets with high quality and already sold items with best customer evaluation. 

What happen if you get a bad review from our customers?

Well, we do our best to fix the problem. Also we will stop selling that particular bad item.


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